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Honouring the whole person; listening to the wisdom of the body.

Welcome to Resonance

Lori Clarke operates Resonance Somatic Counselling Services in St. John’s, Newfoundland, offering counselling and Somatic Experiencing® to individuals, couples and small groups.

Specializing in bereavement, trauma, and cultivation of creativity, Lori works with her clients to build awareness and skills, tap into vitality, and find greater balance in life, relationships and work.

Sometimes clients need something different than what is offered in talk-based therapies. While verbal communication is important in all counselling relationships, somatic work also attunes to more than verbal experiences of body sensations, movement and felt energy. Through working directly with the nervous system through the senses, it is possible to support the nervous system’s innate capacity to restore balance.

When a client has experienced loss– of a loved one, relationship, career, or sense of self– Lori’s calming, listening presence and skill can help. Lori has experience working with dying persons and their families, bereaved persons, and those who feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges and the anxious feelings that arise with grief and bereavement.

Somatic approaches are particularly effective in dealing with cumulative, chronic and traumatic stress responses. Since 2015, Lori has been deepening her body-centred approach by doing training in Somatic Experiencing® through the International Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute where she has recently completed advanced training in Northern Ireland with an international cohort of SE practitioners.

SE™ is a an applied psychobiological approach to trauma resolution in which practitioners work experientially with clients through “stuck” fight, flight and freeze responses that remain inhibited after stressful or traumatic experiences. The completion of these response patterns brings a greater capacity for self-regulation as well as an increased sense of well-being, and availability to connect to self and others. Even though SE™ often focuses on resolving issues of trauma, it is also an effective way of supporting individuals interested in expanding their capacity to authentically be in the world, physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Lori is a certified professional member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (Lorraine Clarke, CCPA #3865).

ann-logo-final-2016-04-11 Lori is also a member of Association of Canadian Naturopaths and Naturotherapists (ACNN).  This means that clients can submit official receipts to have this holistic work covered through most major health insurers.

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Lori Clarke, M.A., CCC
Therapist in St Johns, NL