Moving and Being Moved

Glenariff, Northern Ireland

In late September (2017) I traveled to Ireland to pursue advanced professional training in Somatic Experiencing®. What a privilege to train with the Ireland Somatic Experiencing cohort in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland at Corymeela – a peace and reconciliation community who host trainings and groups focused on conflict management and peace-building.  Many thanks to Berns Galloway, our intrepid trainer, to Brid and Geraldine Keenan (Ireland SE) and all of the generous assistants and participants from Ireland, Norway, the UK and North America who welcomed me and shared in deepening practice.

Back in Newfoundland I dove into October and moving Resonance to a new location. Moving house or office can be both exciting and unsettling! What would we do without supportive friends? I am so thankful to Tina Thoden and Patricia Thoden of Avalon Interactive Massage Therapy who have generously shared their office space with me for the past 14 months.

Resonance has expanded hours of operation in order to see more clients in a new bright, spacious office at 120 Lemarchant Road. The new space is one of the treatment rooms in the Pony Locale compound, renovated by owner/operators Sarah Joy Stoker and Michael Luke. It is gorgeous! It is also a pleasure and honour to be working in proximity to these colleagues who value body wisdom and whose practices and teachings are complementary with the Somatic Experiencing work that I offer.

Pony Locale is a Pilates and kinesiology studio that offers private, small group and large group Pilates – mat and reformer classes – as well as therapeutic and athletic kinesiology.  Offerings range from gentle, restorative classes to more advanced classes for dancers and athletes, circuit classes, and nuanced work with persons challenged by specific health demands and recovering from injuries. There are two fabulous massage therapists on staff at Pony as well!

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