Theatre and trauma: Offensive to Some

Some of my clients know that I am also an artist and sound designer. A recent project that I am pleased to be working on is with Persistence Theatre Company – a company formed in recognition of the need for promoting, understanding and embracing the core beliefs of feminism and challenging discrimination, stereotypes and social biases in their many forms.

In this production of Offensive to Some, written more than 20 years ago by Bernardine Stapleton, my worlds of sound design and trauma work collide. The play is set in a Newfoundland jail. A woman, played by Miranda Macdonald, is in prison for killing her husband who has abused her for years. The play portrays the resilience of a woman who has survived and protected her children in the face of intimate partner violence – a scenario that continues to be all too common in our communities. Offensive to Some paints a picture of how trauma marks women’s body and nervous system and how, “nevertheless she persisted.”

The sound design for Offensive to Some features new, rockin, juicy music of local artists. Come to the show where you will hear tracks from Yee Grlz, Hard Ticket, Ritual Frames, and the Mudflowers.



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