Online and in-person therapy appointments available

rose hips on bush, fall
Richness of Rose Hips

Autumn is a time of dramatic change in our environment: our eyes watch as the colours of leaves and skies change rapidly. Evening seems to appear suddenly. It is an invitation to look inwards, listening to our bodies and discerning what we need to prepare for the shorter days and longer, colder nights ahead.

Consider online or in-person therapy, or a combination of the two to support your nervous system during this time of transition. Sometimes it simply helps to have a witness and sounding board as you find ways to embody the changes you want to see in your life.

It would also be unusual if you weren’t having a response to the pandemic that has been causing dramatic changes in our world. After all, we are organisms responding to an atmosphere of global threat! Sometimes we may feel numb or frozen. Sometimes our responses include anxiousness, frustration, irritation and anger.

Lori Clarke is a trusted therapist for life transitions, trauma healing, moving through grief, anxiety and depression, managing anger, and cultivating creativity. You don’t have to face these challenges alone. Book now.